Some gigs coming up


Tomorrow, 16th June -

Billy Joel at Old Trafford, Manchester.


Have fun my friend.
In a beautiful surrounding :wink::joy:


I might text you for advice etc. tomorrow. I might take the measures back to the Ritz too.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



Alice Cooper looks more like my nan everytime I see him. My nan’s dead.


Well as the gig was dedicated to all his dead friends that would make sense.
The Bowie tribute of Heroes was superb.
A top night with 3 good bands a 9/10 from me . :metal::beers::guitar:


On the train to London soon to see this.
Meeting Julian and Tom, who a few of you know through Fish and Marillion gigs.


Wow great line up. Say Hi to Julian and Tom from me :blush: Have a great time!!!


I’ve meet a Julian at a couple of the Marillion conventions in Holland. Though i guess there is more than one Julian who follows the band. :grin:


Steven Wilson at the HellFest festival today (while working by making some public relations at the JD stand on the aera)



Very sneaky. Like that wasn’t planned! :wink: :laughing:


It was…in fact I asked to come because he’s playing here today…I’m not a fan of Metal



You might end up liking it. Different experience live.


I’ll tell you :wink:



A musical, sci-fi adaptation of Shakespeares ‘The Tempest’, tonight, open air in the park 5 minutes walk from my house.

And if it’s any good i might also go to the ‘mods and rockers’ version of Romeo And Juliet that’s on tomorrow.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned … but Magnum are touring later this year … nothing in France mind :wink:



That Edinburgh gig sounds a bit tasty. Perfect date for me. Anything in December is usually a write-off.


This would be awesome …


That’s another gig on Andy’s list for this year.


Manowar have been announced as headliners for Hellfest next year