Some gigs coming up


From a fb post this morning
The venue Facebook page says doors 7pm. New info Doris Brendal 7:30-8pm FISH 8:20-10:20pm. Student freshers night straight after with Dappy, says doors 10:30pm for that. So will all be a bit rushed at the end.


You’ll be sticking around for Dappy, surely? :rofl:


I’d stop for Tulisa :wink:


Just leaving see you soon :wink::beers::tumbler_glass::guitar::tropical_fish:


^ More than ever so slightly jealous


Pre gig Leamington :+1:


Memories mate :wink: :+1: :sunglasses:


Nobody ask me about a ticket when I entered the Assembly…


Maybe you looked like music press with your camera?


ELO - Hydro Glasgow, 3rd October
JJ Gilmour - Inn At Lathones by St Andrews - 13th October


I was there without my camera :smiley: !


A bit of NWOBHM tonight with Demon at Robin2 Bilston, somehow missed them during the day so looking forward to it :guitar::metal::wink:




I’ve not been to this venue for many year’s.


If we had a new thread, " Nights at home" you would never have an entry in it cause you`re always at gigs.:wink:


Tonight a Kiss tribute in Cannock


Well, er…
Maybe Fish in Verviers.


You are in for a treat.


A nice momento caught with my own fair hand from last nights gig, that was absolutely superb :+1:


My birthday treat, meeting the band as well