Some gigs coming up


Happy Birthday and have a great night! :gift::beers:





So Anthony you’re playing guitar for the support tonight ? !!
Just how many bands are you in ? :wink:


Glenn Hughes tomorrow night


ELO tomorrow in Glasgow.


Not going to this one but -

The Eagles pre-sale starts tomorrow -

£243 -£650 for a front row ticket. Apparently that includes a blowjob from Don Henley. True story.:open_mouth:


I think I’ll pass. Even if it was free.


Heading to The Pineapple Thief at The Liquid Room in Edinburgh tomorrow - looks like there are plenty tickets, so if you are in the area you could do a lot worse and come and see them. Great band!!


what :open_mouth:?..are you serious Lawrie :rofl: ?



Point blank refuse to pay ludicrous prices even if there are a brilliant band.

More money for my pension instead of theirs not that they need it.


Watched them once, but it was a present, so can’t complain!


Agree 100%. Ozzy was charging over $400 for a ticket a couple of weeks back at the same venue and in the same row I only paid $140 the previous year to see him perform with Black Sabbath. A couple of days before the gig they dropped to $260 and then $135 on the day … obviously I wasn’t the only one not paying those prices! Glad I didn’t, a mate of mine who did go told me it was terrible and Ozzy kept forgetting the words, so he left early!

EDIT: Just checked, the Black Sabbath gig was actually in 2016 but still can’t justify the increase from $140 to over $400!


I’ve been lucky for Ozzy/priest tickets for the gigs in February £80 standing


Saw Priest twice on their 2015 tour … they are worth £80 alone :+1:


Good on you guys, guess I’m just an old scrooge lol as I wouldn’t pay £80 either to see a band.

The most ive paid is £60 and that was to see Rush at the Glasgow Secc on their last/final tour, great music shite seats, so most of the time had to look at the big screens, just not the same as being down the front :frowning:


A few years ago maybe, but now I have to think twice before I spend that kind of money. I’ve been attending shows that are in much smaller venues where the tickets cost $20-30. The Alarm and Glenn Hughes are two recent examples and both cost no more than $30/ticket. I just paid $15 to see Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden) again next year … saw him last year at the same venue and got to meet him after the show … for no more than the price of a pint (or two) :+1:


I couldn`t believe my eyes. This is not even for meet and greets or anything. For front row of the same venue for Deep Purple last year a ticket was less than a tenth of The Eagles most expensive ticket. ELO last night was £100.


Jeff Lynne is obviously short of money.


Aren’t they all :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


I just point blank refuse to pay over £40 (at the moment) for a gig ticket. I might have stretched to £50-60 for Roger Waters (but, as I got a freebie, it was a moot point). Had the opportunity arisen, I’d have forked out twice that to see Springsteen anything up to 9 years ago, but apart from a Marillion reunion, I think that’s my limit.