The Football Thread


Just thinking exactly the same: good riddance to the cheating, vicious bastards; just need to get rid of Brazil now, and we can look forward to some actual football.




Could we have France vs Belgium ? :smiley:


It’s not over yet!


I think we might :smiley:





Well deserved win by Belgium. :clap:
And I’m glad Neymar’s going home I’ve seriously seen enough of him!


Can’t wait for tuesday’s match now :grin:
It should be a great game.


Have to say, very impressed with Belgium. If I’d had a bet originally, it might have been on them.


Belgium - best team in the tournament… by far


Maybe…but we’re going to win anyway :blush:



Which side of the border will I choose ? :thinking:



Do England start to believe that we could make the Final :grin:


Stick to Gareth Southgate philosophy of one game at a time and wait and see.:wink:


Enjoying the run, and some good performances, but definitely one game at a time! There are better teams than us still in this tournament.


Congratulations to the England team. Two steps do go for the trophy. But Croatia is not so easy to beat.

:fr: : :belgium:
:croatia: : :open_mouth: I haven’t found an England flag


There is no English flag on my Samsung either :thinking:
These ones are close though. Does anyone know which country they belong to?



:georgia: Georgia
:guernsey: Guernsey


Thanks Ulli! Strange that we don’t have an English flag!


I’ve noticed this on my iPhone! A population of 54 million and we don’t have a flag! Ridiculous.