The Football Thread


tonight I’m supporting Rennes vs Arsenal (I live about 20 miles from Rennes)



Done! 3:1 :soccer:


well done indeed :smiley:



Go gooners!


Congratulations to Arsenal who wanted to win more than Rennes…totally deserved !



What’s wrong with PSG ???..this team is unbearable !



They are full of overpaid frauds, just like the team I follow !!
Did you see Neymar hit a fan ?


Yes I did… unbelievable !!!..this guy is a princess !



They’ve won the league, 20 points clear of 2nd place - i could find that very bearable for my team.


that’s the less they can do with all the players in this team…



From different angles.


Andy, your boys took one hell of a beating :grin::grin::grin:

Bluebirds !!!


Mixed feelings for me. Didn’t really have much hope anyway


OGS has turned Man U into Cardiff!


Its took him 5 years but thats the best Cardiff have played under him !! :wink:
Thank god the season is finally over :face_vomiting: