The Football Thread


BNB = Blue Nose with no parent , starts with B

DAB = Dirty Arab with no parent, starts with B.

I am a DAB.:wink:


I’m enjoying this.


You’ll be wearing the shirt next !!! :angry:
Ruined my day yet again !!! Vermin. . .


You love it! :wink: :laughing:


I’ve only just got back to my mums and put it on and in my book Watford are winning 1-0 :wink:


bought 2 tickets last night for RENNES vs PSG in January…a good occasion for my son to see his favourite team (PSG) against his next favourite one maybe (as we live near Rennes :smile:)



Yes but imagine the expense if he wants to go to every home match!


Rennes vs Lille is already planned :smile:



A Boxing Day ritual today, taking all the family to Old Trafford to see Manchester United v Sunderland :wink:


Our game this year was on Christmas Eve. 2 - 1 win for Dundee United against St Mirren. Top of the league for Christmas.:grin:




Rennes vs PSG : 0-1 :smile:



CONGRATULATIONS to Lincoln City FC the first non league team to reach the FA Cup Quarter Finals.
My father in law is a lifelong Imps season ticket holder , he’ll be in heaven.:sweat_smile:


That’s my accumulator gone after the first result of the day :angry::angry::angry:


I think we can all say that Steve.The only winner today will be the bookies !!


Cardiff won 5-0 so i’m still happy.


No doubt this will be deleted from YouTube soon, but did anyone see this? Talk about ridiculous! What an idiot.


Not a Rangers supporter but he didnt last 5 minutes up here. Total Plonker.


A total shithouse !


what a jerk!!!