The Football Thread


Unbelievable !!!





Why does George Formby spring to mind? :confused:


Spotted old James Bond at the Liverpool Everton game earlier. Pretty much the only person who can afford a season ticket.


tomorrow afternoon : Rennes Vs Lyon at the stadium with my son and daughter :slight_smile:





Yet another home draw, but still a good day with my brother despite the result :beers:


Obviously not enough beers as the camera picture is too sharp lol…


Auto focus :wink::joy:


Booked 3 tickets for the last match of the season : Rennes vs Monaco



Who’s your team Anthony ?


as I live near Rennes now,I would say Rennes but I’m not a huge fan of football
If I had to be a real football fan,I would definitely say PSG :thumbsup:



Won for only the 8th time this season yesterday. Looks like they might manage to avoid relegation from Bundesliga2. Heady heights :confused:


3 goals in 10 minutes for two games in a row now. Looking safe for the first time this season.


Only twice a season I say this but “c’mon Man U”. Let’s get Swansea relegated.


Some good results today as far as I’m concerned, but then again you have to take your own chances too. Watch this space!..


United can forget about a top 4 place now, shit performance today, Swansea wanted it more and deserved a win tbh.
We have now drawn more home games than Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal & Liverpool combined !! :neutral_face:


But you’ll get in CL via the cup won’t you?


I doubt that now, what with losing another 2 defenders through injury again today.


Still think we’ll leave the door open for you. Bogey teams.