The Football Thread


:joy: :joy: :joy: Thanks Paul, Loved that, it just brightened up a dreary Tuesday morning for me :thumbsup:


Our team’s tiny field. :blush:


My season ticket arrived today, high hopes for this season, but the Premier League is gonna be so difficult to win with teams getting even stronger.


Neymar could sign with the PSG ?’s almost done !



Only a friendly I know but still sweet to beat the Bitters :laughing:




Obscene wages 525k a week after tax :persevere:


I love my football but the way money is being thrown around at the moment makes me really angry.

Absolute madness.


I’m just jealous!! :wink:


He’s just been on the news saying that money wasn’t a motivation. My feckin arse!


Yeah right … :laughing:



PSG were selling football shirts today with Neymars name and number on the back - £140 !!!


yes and there was almost (according to medias) almost 100m of queue on the sidewalk !!!
as for the 140€ shirt,it is the official one (not sure what it is exactly but is seems that it is the one football players are playing with)
I’ve bought one for my boy last May,and it costed 85€ (which is expensive),name in the back included
it is the same as the one “official” but less expensive…I don’t get it :unamused:



More fool the idiot fans who are willing to pay those prices. People should boycott that kind of extortion.


Of course I agreed with you but you can’t prevent kids to be happy when they get a Neymar’s shirt…



Yes I could! :wink: I’ll write it on the back myself with a Sharpie.


Most footballers are on obscene wages. This why most of them show No Loyalty and No respect to clubs, although Clubs only have themselves to blame for paying disgusting ludicrous amounts of money for transfers and wages most cannot afford. I’ll welcome the day when TV can’t pay anymore then there will be a lot players out of work and clubs going to the wall.


Jimmy Hill was right, god rest his soul . There should be a cap on wages !!!


All the best to the football fans amongst us whose season starts today. Especially Rab as Motherwell are playing his favourite other team today.:wink:


Eh that’ll be tomorrow mate, yeah the Sevco Scum from Glasgow.