The Football Thread


Same can be said of Jim McLean former Manager of Lawrie’s team Dundee utd, one the best there has been in Scotland apart from 91’ :wink:


Cardiff began with a win today. Premier League here we come :joy:


I hope so :wink:

Cardiff is a great away :beers::facepunch:


1st accumulator of the season and quids in. £512 return on a £5 bet :champagne::champagne::champagne:


This is for Andyboy…


We were having a laugh on the UWS forum last night and agreed it was better than this muppet !


Tbh his looks match his footballing ability. . . . . Shite !!


Cardiff 3 - Villa 0

:grin: :beer: :grin: :beer: :grin: :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:


The footy has been very good today :+1:


Cardiff 2 - Sheff U 0

3 wins out of 3 and top of the league. Wolves away on Saturday who also have 3 wins from 3.


Tough at the top :wink:


You`ll be listening to Bon Jovi albums next - Keep The Faith.:wink:


Or ‘Living On A Prayer’.


Wolves 1 - Cardiff 2

4 wins out of 4 and top of the table.


Tough at the top :wink:


Welcome back :grin::+1:


I’m with the prawn sandwich brigade (Executive hospitality) for the match this weekend.
The last part of my 50th birthday present :wink::soccer:


Up for the Cup this Sunday

COYW! SIWY! MTID! :soccer: :soccer: :trophy: :trophy:


Best of luck Rab, I’ll be watching :wink:


Mon the Motherwell!