The Last CD You Bought







Raintown - Deacon Blue


Escape from the Shadow Garden - Magnum

On a Storyteller’s Night - Magnum

Not only the album covers are great, the album titles are too.


:laughing: Just bought On A Storyteller’s Night too! :+1:

Listened to it in full on YouTube several times.


OASTN is a truly great album.




Johnny Marr - Call The Comet (for me)

Beach Boys and the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra (for the wife)


Me too (J.M). . . .



Live At Hammersmith - The Darkness - signed copy arrived in the mail.


Great live band … witnessed one of my funniest moments at a show when they played in Detroit a couple of years back. Justin climbed up the PA on to the balcony and dived off into the crowd below …


I saw them last week supporting The Hollywood Vampires and they were very good entertainment I must admit .


Saw them at the Isle of Wight Festival few years back and they were brilliant.


What did you think of The Hollywood Vampires ? … I saw them a couple years back and was mightily disappointed. I think Alice Cooper is better in his own band and Joe Perry was absent due to medical issues so there was a stand in … maybe that was the reason I was disappointed?


I thought they were superb and had an excellent gig.
As long as you go knowing what to expect I don’t think you’d be disappointed .
Cooper’s voice was superb.


My apologies to my spelling wifi and internet here is appallingly shit and it wont let me edit post :rage:


Let me at last, time 2 say goodnight me thinks :roll_eyes:


Don’t get me wrong … I think the album is great … I must have had an off night :wink: