The last gig you went to

Fantastic band live. Saw him at the Isle of Wight Festival 10 years ago and they blew our socks off.
I love little Steven’s expressions, reminds me of his role in the Sopranos :smile:


John Young Solo Show at Backstage at the Green, Kinross - April 2nd.

A great night of songs and stories.

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We were lucky enough to see the incredible Quatuor Danel ( ) in our home town last night playing Shostakovich No. 5 and Mendelssohn Octet with the Sea Lapland Quartet. It was absolutely fantastic! Danel himself (on the left) is great to watch, he really is deep in the music all the time with all his feelings.



My daughters piano teacher was Musical Director for this show, so we kind of felt obliged to go. However it was totally Progtastic.


I’m so happy after two hours of my favourites!


Concert for Keith at Caird Hall, Dundee on Friday 19th May

Keith Matheson was / is a guitarist who is part of the band Swiss Family Orbison. Sadly he had a work accident in which his arm was severed off. Whilst his arm was saved, he is unable to play guitar or work. His fantastic mates - Deacon Blue, Gary Clark ( not Gary Clark Jr ), The Bluebells and Andrew Wasylyk ( Hazey Janes, Heavey Little Elephants and Idlewild ) put on a benefit show to raise money to support Keith.

The gig was an acoustic affair of varied styles with the highlights too many to mention.


Peter Gabriel in an hour.
Quite a good place :+1:
No head or phone in front of us .


Waiting 20:00…
The guy is painting for half an hour…

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Have a great time, sure it’ll be brilliant :+1:

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Talking of phones at gigs , this was one better !!! WTF .


If he was in front of me he would be making a claim on his insurance, if you get my drift?


Peter Gabriel is still there, (though moving a bit less !)
It was a very good moment, no regret. Highlights and moving songs. Love Can Heal, and Manu Katche drums.
I wont spoil too much, though the setlist is known.
Anyway, at some points the sound was poor, a bit weird. I guess the glass at the balcony in front of us may be a part of explanation.
The Peter Gabriel avatar (who gained 10 kilos more than the original one, as he Said) talked in french all along the concert, hat off!
Though i like the song, if someone has really understood the aim of his Panopticom project, it would help. I missed something … Strange Idea… I read about a few days ago, but what he said tonight didn’t appear more clear to me.

I avoided the merchandising, the T shirts were sold 45 euros…:face_with_head_bandage:

Don’t Give Up.
What a voice !


Midge Ure @ Symphony Hall

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I’m sooooo chuffed the band had a blast in my neck of the woods.
Hopefully they loved it so much that they will come back :grin:

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