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The Last Vinyl Album that you Bought

No idea what postage from uk would be but available here - Steven Wilson website (Headphone Dust / Burning Shed store link)

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Thanks Steve. I priced it out. Shipping options were $16 to $37 depending on service. The record itself was $29. I will wait until next week to see if the stores here get more stock. But thanks for info, I’ll keep this bookmarked.

Finally. Found it in one of the local record stores.


My preorder finally showed up, 5 days late!

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Just arrived :heart_eyes: And that artwork!

I love this cover.


It’s Friday which means another trip to the record store :laughing:

First time on vinyl for these Dio releases. Both with fancy 3D lenticular covers.

^ especially wanted this one because it was my first time at Donington MOR and is the only time I actually saw RJD live in concert.