The Last Vinyl Album that you Bought

Preorder finally arrived … but worth the wait!



Today’s vinyl purchase.

Tina Turner 80’s studio albums complete. Double white vinyl.

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First purchase of ‘23. Reissue on green vinyl.

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Realized last night that I didn’t have a copy of this on vinyl. Now I do!

Half Speed Master.


I’ve never listened to Slayer because I’ve always been put off by the imagery tbh. But I heard a track come on in the car last weekend and decided to give them a listen this week… :exploding_head:

Gonna be selective which albums I buy but thought I should start with this one :point_down:


You have the one. No need to purchase more.

Possibly the best ‘thrash’ album ever.

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Had a gift card left over from the holidays so treated myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


New arrivals.

I’m a tad pissed off. Bought the Slayer LP online and unknown to me it shipped from the UK. It is new and was sealed but is so badly warped, it’s probably unplayable. I only paid $30 for it and I don’t want the expense of returning it even though I have 30 days to do so. Damn! :rage: But on the plus side at least I now have my favorite Queen album on vinyl :wink:

Edit: I sent a note to express my disappointment and the store just wrote back telling me they have issued a full refund. I’m gobsmacked :open_mouth:


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From the annual Met store garage sale.

This one is a bit of a collector’s item :+1:

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I used a vinyl flattening device. Controlled heat for 2 hours under a weighted clamp and the record is now flat and plays perfectly without any effect on the vinyl itself.


First time on vinyl :point_down:

$15 bargain! :point_up_2:

Dopamine is a good album. Hope you like it.

I did. Listened to it last night and enjoyed it. A nice range of styles that collectively sound great together. Foot tapping stuff for sure.

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My favorite album of 2022 was only just released on vinyl and I managed to snap up a signed copy before it sold out.

These just arrived in the mail from UK.


I only hope the record isn’t as wonky as the label :laughing: